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A compilation of all my notes on a Pen'n'Paper RPG world/system I'm working on. I wanted an easier way to look through all the stuff I have and to share it with people than just text files.

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What is Decaying Sol?

Decaying Sol is in a Sci-Fi setting. In the future when a element that passively creates large amounts of kinetic energy is discovered on Mars, a gate to hell opens in orbit of Earth causing the apocalypse for a few years, the new government ships everyone to Mars, Earth becomes a Eutopia, half of the moon turns into a prison where there are no laws other than "Never leave or we disintegrate you", a alien fleet comes to give Humanity access to their warp gates so they can join their galactic government but can't communicate so a battle that lasts for a whole 27 days ensues between every ship at Humanity's disposal and the alien armada.

Main Hub

Head over to the main hub. It links off to everything and is helpful for quickly accessing pages.

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