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Event Edit

'The Opening of The Gate' refers to the event that occurred on Wednesday, May 12th, 2038. A large portal opened 300 000 km above the Earth. The portal was formed out of a platform and 3 large stones. All were made of a substance similar to basalt, but incredibly dense and stronger than steel(This stone was titled Hellstone). The portal was about two thirds the size of the Moon in the sky. Within minutes of it's appearance it was noticed.

Scientific and governmental leaders across the world gathered to figure out the nature of The Gate. After two hours a wave of around 7000 Demons came from the gate and quickly traveled to Earth(It took around an hour). Before Humanity could make contact with the creatures they began an assault on the planet.

This initiated a war that lasted seven years, The Demonic War. Areas with highly concentrated human populations were hit first. They were set ablaze, almost no one survived. Earth's militaries attempted to mount a defense, but their weapons were ineffective, all attacks bounced off short of armour piercing shells and large missiles.

Eventually survivors of the attacks managed to find the weakness of the demons, UV light. Their exterior armour made of Hellstone weakened under exposure. They developed laser weaponry that fired UV beams strong enough to cut through the plates and destroy the demons.

After the war the survivors formed a new united government. UCOS, they decided that for the survival of humanity it should no longer be separated and should not be based on one planet. They sped up colonization of both Mars and the Moon and moved much of Earth's remaining population to these planets.

The gate still remains in orbit of Earth. After the initial invasion force no demons have attempted to travel through The Gate. It is surrounded by a set of 6 space stations armed with UV weaponry, ready to defend against any army that may exit the gate.

Memory Edit

The Opening of The Gate is remembered as a tragic event. Although it formed the current government and society it resulted in billions of deaths(World population in 2038 was 10 328 381. It declined to roughly 5 billion a few days after The Opening of The Gate. By the end of The Demonic War it was roughly 3.8 billion.) and wiped out multiple countries.

Info Edit

Countries Destroyed Edit

  • India, incredibly highly concentrated population and first target. The entire country was set on fire leaving under one thousand people. The area wasn't fully restored until 2067.
  • Japan. After destroying India the demons moved towards Japan, they devastated much of China on the way but it's environment and structures were left mostly intact. Much of the Japanese population managed to get to bunkers or was evacuated to other countries. Roughly 8 million survived of their 120 million population.