What Power Armour Is Edit

Power Armour refers to a fully enclosed suit of armour that is powered by on board power systems. The on board system power hydraulics, servos, shielding, life support etc... It isn't the same as a Power Suit, which acts as a second skin of armour(While still keeping life support systems etc) while power armour is a giant suit of armour.

What Power Armour has can vary between models. But generally they are full enclosed environmental suits with a large amount of steel laced with bullet and explosive resistance materials.

Power Armour is expensive, and hard to find. It's generally only used by military special forces. But lighter models have seen use by police and security teams.

Power Armour only decrease dexterity in a few aspects. The movement range of the armour isn't as good as Power Suits or no armour. But it increases speed, strength and stamina.

Power Armour is basically wearing a tank, and generally treated the same as having a tank.

Effects Edit

The effects Power Armour has vary between models. But all power armour increases speed, strength, stamina, endurance, provides at least basic life-support and gives the trait heavy.

Heavy means you cannot stealth and anything weak that tries to take your weight will simply break.