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Quick Reference Edit

Shades are effected by the Magic Consequence Table.

Shades are a stealth class, they use minor spells to assist them.

Description Edit

Shade's are the result of a UCOS program, to harness minor mental powers to assist in subterfuge, assassination and infiltration. Shade's are almost all a part of were previously a part of the Shade program. Occasionally a Shade will be trained by another, but it's not a common occurrence. Shade's are generally freelance agents, they can go and do what they want as long as they complete contracts and don't commit any high level crimes. They are given the leniency to break minor laws or laws that their contract specifically allows them to break.

Shade's that have left the program generally leave on bad terms, usually they'll be hunted by UCOS till they're dead.

Benefits of being a Shade Edit

*UCOS Contracts, Edit

Shades are usually freelance special agents for UCOS. This gives them access to special contracts, these contracts will usually have good payout and provide ampule resources to assist you during the mission.

*Tertiary Crime Immunity, Edit

Shades part of UCOS have cannot be persecuted for tertiary crimes.(Crime Levels) But their companions can be. Secondary crimes are passable on a mission by mission basis, but primary crimes will have the agent removed from the UCOS Shade program unless an extremely good excuse is provided.

*Benefits that only come with Shades still a part of the UCOS Shade program.

Consequences of being a Shade Edit

*UCOS watch, Edit

If the Shade performs a primary crime without good reasoning(One that stands in court) then they are removed from the UCOS Shade program and hunted.