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Summary: Edit

Almost every weapon and armour is graded from 1-10. Some weapons and armours are Super Heavy and are somewhere above 10 on the graded scale. Super Heavy armour can only be damaged by Super Heavy weapons or grade 10 weapons on an Excellent Success.

A weapon can't normally damage a target in armour of a grade above it. The attacker has to get 1 level of success for every grade above their weapon the armour is.(Starting at Greater Success.)So for example a grade 4 weapon trying to injure someone in grade 5 armour must get a Greater Success or higher. Or if the armour was grade 6 they'd need an Excellent Success. If the armour was grade 7 then the weapon wouldn't be able to injure the wearer.

If a weapon is above the grade of an armour it can hit even if it fails. Each level the armour is below the weapon it increases the level of success or failure by 1. So a grade 5 weapon attacking a grade 4 armour will increase the level of success by 1. A Minor Success would become an Average Success. An Average Failure would become a Minor Success. If the armour was grade 2 then it would increase the success or fail by 3.